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ZLX-WP Series Home Textiles / Outdoor Materials / Cloth Undercoat Film / Glue Film Cast Extrusion And Laminating Compositing Line

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ZLX-WP Home Textiles / Outdoor Materials / Cloth Undercoat Film丨Glue Film Cast Extrusion And Laminating Compositing Line

Product description: We has successfully developed and produced various types of extrusion lines,including high-speed cast film lines, breathable film lines, multi-layer co-extrusion cast film lines

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Product Description

In ZLX-WP extrusion laminating and coating compositing line serieswe mainly use the extrusion process of thermoplastic materials such as PE/PEVA/TPU/POE etc., carrying out coating film casting extrusion as well as single / double-face coating or multi-layer compositing onto the substrate to produce composite products with multiple functions. This series of equipment is specially modified for soft woven cloth-like materials,which is extremely suitable for home textiles / cloth undercoat extrusion and outdoor equipment material laminating using. The applicable coating substrates include luggage cover,curtain fabric,medical cover, air bag fabric,tent cloth, sporting equipment fabric, non-woven fabric, textiles, woven fabric, needle punching fabric, spunlace fabric, mesh fabric, etc.. By the selection of single extruder, double extruder, multi-extruder, single layer/ co-extrusion, preheating, precoating, compositing and other functions, it can meet the extensive laminating needs in industries of medical treatment, packaging, decorations, outdoor sporting materials, luggage materials,zipper undercover producing,vehicle inner-decoration, house textile functional materials.

Catering to the different needs and requirements, the above lines could be equipped with single-layer / multi-layer co-extrusion system. And functional units such as material component proportion measurement loading system, corona system, defect detection, inline thickness gauge, automatic adjustment T-DIE, release film unwinder, inline slitting system, unloading & weighing system ,remote maintenance and other functional parts can also be chosen according to real requirement.

设备宽度   Coating DIE width

制品宽度   Finished product width

淋膜层克重   Extrusion layer gsm

挤出产能   Extrusion capacity

挤出结构   Film structure

螺杆模式   Screw type

设计速度   Designed line speed




最高  Maximum to 18T/D

单层  Single layer  /  多层共挤  Multi-layer

单螺杆  Single screw  /  共挤  Co-extrusion  /  双螺杆  Twin-screw

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