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ZLX-GEO Series Geomembrane/Geosheet/Geotexitle Compositing Laminating Producing Line

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ZLX-GEO Geomembrane/Geosheet/Geotexitle Compositing Laminating Producing Line

Product description: We has successfully developed and produced various types of extrusion lines,including high-speed cast film lines, breathable film lines, multi-layer co-extrusion cast film lines

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Product Description

ZLX-GEO series lines are mainly used for extrusion of geomembrane, waterproof GEO sheet/board, and can also be used into the producing of geo-compositing laminating membrane products such as the compositing with non-woven fabric, geotextile, woven fabric, mesh fabric, etc. The modified series includes parallel rollers forming equipment or vertical rollers calendering forming equipment. Among them, the parallel roller group equipment is suitable for film-forming and film laminating in thinner cases, as well as multi-functional and multi-product combination production. According to the actual needs, it can produce double side smooth surface, single side rough surface, double side rough surface, one-line-multiusage geotechnical products, film laminating and especially ultra thin geo film production, without the need to replace the rollers. The vertical rollers calendering forming unit is more suitable for thick sheet/board/thick compositing production occasions ,or under occasions when the sticking of hanging strips and tapes on the back are needed. ZLMC has continuously upgraded this series of machine lines over the years. At present, ZLX-GEO has excellent extrusion effect and high-performance automation. The standard lines, non-standard lines and test lines can be ordered, and special functions can also be customized according to the production needs.

Catering to the different needs and requirements, the above lines could be equipped with single-layer / multi-layer co-extrusion system. And functional units such as material component proportion measurement loading system, multi-position automatic winding system, defect detection, inline thickness gauge, automatic adjustment T-DIE, inline slitting system, unloading & weighing system ,remote maintenance and other functional parts can also be chosen according to real requirement.

设备宽度   Coating DIE width

制品宽度   Finished product width

淋膜层克重   Extrusion layer gsm

挤出产能   Extrusion capacity

挤出结构   Film structure

螺杆模式   Screw type

设计速度   Designed line speed




最高  Maximum to 60T/D

单层  Single layer  /  多层共挤  Multi-layer

单螺杆  Single screw  /  共挤  Co-extrusion  /  双螺杆  Twin-screw


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