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Operation skills of glove film casting machine!

According to different process design requirements, the temperature of the main machine barrel and T-die head is set to the standard enterprise scale. Check for foreign objects, especially metal and screw hoppers, to prevent damage to the inside of the extruder screw and barrel. Check whether the cooling water supply management system is normal.

Glove film casting machine

Check each part of the extruder moving motor, drive motor and winding motor lamination is not normal, the response is normal, see the ammeter. The first problem before starting the machine is to place the substrate to be coated on the release frame, and pull out the head of the substrate so that it can pass through the various rollers of the entire automatic production line of the enterprise.

When the heating temperature of the glove film casting machine reaches the set value, it needs to maintain the temperature for more than half an hour before starting the main engine motor and starting to work slowly. After the plastic diaphragm flows out of the die mouth, first clean the die mouth with copper, then pierce the die mouth with a feeler gauge, scrape back and forth several times from the beginning to the end, scrape off all the coke on the two walls, clean the inside, extruder speed.

At the onset of wetting, the cooling rolls are rotated at the slowest speed, causing the substrate to be rolled slowly. At the same time, the extruder is forced to slowly extrude the film and move it to the water spray position. When the die and the substrate are disjoint films, and after cooling the rolls, the speed of the extruder may progress to distribute the additions, and then the speed of the cooling rolls is correspondingly increased.

The method of changing the thickness of the glove film casting machine: enter the PLC touch screen for the operation and management page of the composite system, and enter the thickness requirement you want. The thickness of the coating should generally be 0.03±0.005mm 10. The flash of the coating should be cut according to the specification and the film should be firmly bonded to the substrate.

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