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Features of cast film machine production line!

Cast film machine refers to the special equipment for making cast film. A high-precision electronic ceramic casting machine is used to use alumina as the main raw material for ceramic casting. First, the crushed powder is mixed with binder, plasticizer, dispersant and solvent to form a slurry with a certain viscosity. Flowing down from the hopper, it is scraped and coated on the special base tape with a certain thickness by the scraper. After drying and curing, the film is peeled off from the top to become the green tape, and then the green tape needs to be punched and cut according to the size and shape of the finished product. Lamination and other processing treatments are carried out to make the finished blank product to be sintered. It has the advantages of low cost, high quality, no toxicity and simple production process.

Cast film machine

The domestic cast film machine production line can be divided into: 2500mm, 3000mm, 3500mm, 5000mm according to the film width, and can be divided into three layers, five layers and seven layers according to the configuration of the extruder. The production line of domestic cast film machine is mainly composed of five parts: extrusion part, casting part, corona part, winding part and electric control part. Among them, the mold part and the extrusion part can be freely combined according to the requirements of customers, so as to meet the different needs of our customers (markets) to the greatest extent.

In addition, the design of domestic equipment also closely follows the international advanced level. Compared with imported equipment, the domestic cast film machine production line also has the characteristics of high speed, stable performance, environmental protection and energy saving. The thickness of the product is 0.017mm-0.08mm (the international standard is calculated as 0.025mm).

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