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The production process and use of the laminating machine

With the continuous progress and development of society, most people use machines to operate in life and production, because the use of machinery and equipment can not only improve work efficiency, but also save a lot of work time, etc., thus greatly improving work efficiency. The output of products is reduced, the labor intensity is reduced, and people's work is more convenient. The use of the laminating machine also provides a lot of convenience for people's production and life, especially when in use, the laminating machine is not only pollution-free, but also easier to operate during use, which greatly reduces the cost of raw materials and saves resource waste. Its main production process is to form plastic granules at the die opening of a flat mold after plasticizing the plastic granules through a screw. Linear extrusion adheres to the surface of paper, film, or certain nonwovens, wovens, and other relatively flexible substrates after stretching, which is then shaped and pressed into composites after a period of cooling.

When the laminating machine is extruded and cast, the plastic particles are plasticized by the screw and then extruded from the die of the flat die in a linear state. After the stretching process, it is attached to paper, films and nonwovens. Then, after a period of cooling and forming, the surface of a relatively flexible substrate, such as a fabric or woven fabric, is compressed into a composite material with film layer properties. The composite material is characterized by barrier properties and heat sealability. The main purpose of the laminating machine is suitable for laser printing, photo and other coated paper, inkjet printing coating of self-adhesive paper. Oil-based coatings from coaters have unique advantages over water-based coatings. Since the main properties of the oil-based coating film are water resistance, moisture resistance and UV resistance, it can make the finished product after coating better in terms of water resistance, sunlight resistance and abrasion resistance, which can save costs and also save more Waste of resources. When the coating liquid is directly attached to the surface of the picture, it will be cured by ultraviolet radiation and will not fall off easily.

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