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Geomembrane production line: Geomembrane equipment plays an important role in hazardous waste landfills

Geomembrane equipment plays an important role in hazardous waste landfills. Geomembrane is undoubtedly the key to the anti-seepage structure of hazardous waste landfills. As a mainstream and effective anti-seepage material, the quality of geomembrane will determine the quality of hazardous waste landfills. Due to the limitations of domestic geomembrane production lines, production management, raw materials, etc., and some "black-hearted" manufacturers use a large number of recycled materials to produce geomembrane, the quality of geomembrane does not meet the requirements of international standards. Therefore, most hazardous waste landfills currently use imported geomembrane materials, and the following will tell you the advantages of HDPE geomembrane.
1. High coefficient of friction - The rough particles on the surface of the HDPE rough geomembrane increase the coefficient of friction and improve the stability of the slope. For example, Canada, Soma, can produce rough geomembrane even up to 0.75 mm, which is three times the international index, greatly improving the stability of the landfill.
The second is high anti-seepage coefficient - geomembrane equipment has the anti-seepage effect that ordinary waterproof materials cannot match, and the water vapor permeability coefficient k is less than =1.0 * 10-13g.cm/ccm2.s.pa.
3. Chemical stability - HDPE geomembrane has excellent chemical stability and is widely used in sewage treatment, chemical reaction tanks and landfills. Resistant to high and low temperature, asphalt, oil and tar, acid, alkali, salt and more than 80 kinds of strong acid and alkali chemical medium corrosion.
4. Anti-aging - Geomembrane equipment has anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet and anti-decomposition capabilities, and can be used in bare installations, providing a good material guarantee for environmental anti-seepage. Soma, Canada and the International Geosynthetics Association conducted a study on the lifetime of geomembranes. In normal application, the theoretical life of HDPE geomembrane produced by SOMA can reach more than 200 years, and its OIT oxidation induction index can reach 160 hours, which is 60% higher than the international 100-hour index, which is equivalent to an indirect increase of 60% of life. It provides a good guarantee for long-term protection of the earth from pollution.
V. Plant root resistance - The geomembrane production line has excellent puncture resistance and can resist most plant roots.

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