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Do you know about the correct use of cpp casting machine?

This equipment is a relatively professional equipment. For operators, they need to receive professional training before they can operate. Only correct operation can ensure the normal production of our casting machine. To prolong the life of our equipment, today Xiaobian will take you to learn more about the correct use of cpp casting machine!

Before using the cpp casting machine, it is necessary to provide a detailed description of the operation of the machine, so as to know how the operation of the machine can be carried out, so as to ensure that the function of the machine can be fully understood. It is necessary to have a more comprehensive understanding of the operation steps, and to know more information to carry out the reasonable operation of the machine to carry out a better production process. The second is to take various precautions for this machine to ensure that the machine can be used better. For the precautionary measures of this machine, there must be stricter measures, especially in the process of production, the machine cannot be contaminated with water. On the machine or inside the machine, this will lead to new problems in the operation of the machine, affecting the normal operation of the machine, and even problems may occur, affecting the entire work.

When using a machine, we must be careful when operating a step, for fear of doing something wrong and having a bad impact on the machine. When we are not using the machine, we must stop it. It is also very important to stop Yes, the cpp casting machine is also one of them, so what is the shutdown step of the machine itself?

15 minutes before shutdown, cut off the heating power of the machine head.

When shutting down, cut off the heater power and close the hopper. Slowly reduce the speed of the extrusion motor, and slowly reduce the extrusion volume of the main machine and the linear speed of the auxiliary machine.

Turn off the main engine switch, the extruder stops running and exits the working position, and the compound machine stops running and starts each air valve to make the corresponding machinery out of the working position.

Decrease the linear speed of the auxiliary machine until the main machine exits and stop the auxiliary machine from rotating.

Turn on the air pressure switch to separate the steel roller from the rubber roller and turn off the air pump.

Turn off the switch buttons and heating buttons of the main and auxiliary machines, return all the buttons to zero, and turn them to the OFF position.

After the temperature of the extruder drops significantly below 100, cut off all power, water and air sources.

Remove the water and residual air in the compressed air pipeline, and clean up the accumulated water in the triplex.

Unload the cloth roll, clean the equipment and waste edges, keep the raw materials, clean the equipment and the workplace, organize the tools, and cover the various parts with dust covers.

When the machine is shut down for more than one month, the unit must be wiped clean and then coated with anti-rust oil to prevent rusting. Only after a comprehensive inspection is correct, close the doors and windows and leave the workplace.

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