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Risk identification and control measures of casting machine

Casting machine is a special equipment for casting film. The calender mixes the crushed resin raw material powder and additives, heats and melts them, and makes a slurry with a certain viscosity. The slurry flows out from the hopper, and is scraped and pressed on a special base belt with a scraper of a certain thickness, and then processed into a finished product through punching, lamination and other processes according to the size and shape of the finished product, and the finished product is sintered. The wholesale price of casting machine is determined by the quality of the product. Before understanding the price, let's understand its risk identification and control measures.
1. Risk identification

1. The system and temperature can be automatically managed and controlled. The information system does not have interlocking devices and environmental protection functions for machine overheating. Once the temperature is too high, there may be no fire accident.

2. The exposed dangerous parts and rotating parts, without safety protection devices, may cause mechanical injury accidents.

3. The machine is not equipped with an emergency stop device. The location of the emergency stop device is not obvious or the emergency stop device fails. Once an emergency occurs, the equipment management cannot 4. Stop the work operation, which may cause mechanical damage to the development of the workers.

5. During the operation, the operator violated the operation rules and put his hand into the operation area, causing cutting, crushing or crushing.

6. The wholesale price of the casting machine is affected by the quality of the equipment. The equipment is not equipped with environmental protection work grounding or zero connection, and the grounding connection is poor; electrical short circuit, open circuit, exposed wires, etc. may affect the occurrence of electric shock safety accidents, so it is necessary to Choose high-quality products.

2. Control measures

(1) The equipment shall have temperature indicating instruments with precise digital display, and the heating system and automatic temperature control system shall have interlocking devices and machine overheating protection functions.

(2) Based on the plane where the operator's operating system is located, all transmission belts, rotating shafts, transmission chains, couplings, joints, pulleys, gears, flywheels, sprockets, chainsaws, etc. with a height of less than 2m are exposed to danger Parts and dangerous parts must be equipped with a safety technical protection working device.

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