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Laminating machine equipment manufacturers: differences in the scope of use of cast film machines and future development paths

Cast film machine is polypropylene or polyethylene plastic extrusion cast film after heating machine, plasticized plastic extrusion die casting, woven or non-woven fabric or kraft paper pressing surface, laminating machine equipment manufacturers press polyethylene surface covering layer thickness is 0.05 cm and will become the coating machine product. Odorless and non-toxic wear, can be used in infrared spectrum, ultraviolet light for long time, or various laser difficulties, pH and other ecological or physicochemical environments.

It is used in single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer co-extruded composite structural films for lamination and The coating can be widely used in Chinese instant noodles as packaging, food safety packaging, aseptic packaging bags and materials, buffalo shade, paper cups, paper, kraft paper and other various cultural products in various commodity packaging industries.

The main structure of the cast film machine: the feeding device, the extruder, and the lamination mechanism in the host closing mechanism, the heating and cooling system, the electrical control system; according to the substrate processing device of the laminator of the printing equipment, different types can be added Before the product, as well as two surfaces, the processing device is the unwinding device; the coin-operated machine is mainly a granulator, a printing machine and other equipment, and the processing equipment and other equipment is to perform cutting. The film side trimming device and the collection and processing device are two coating machines with important structures, and what role do these two technical equipment play in the entire machine? Laminating machine equipment manufacturers answer for you.

The coating and cutting device of the coating machine has a compact structure and is easy to adjust online. Common coating and laminating machines are equipped with fixed edge trimming devices, which control the width of edge trimming film online in real time, and even cut to the substrate, resulting in garbage bags. With the development of modern science and technology, the domestic high-quality mechanical trimming device adopts a low-pressure system, and the precise trimming can be adjusted online, which greatly reduces the production of raw materials. Accurate and stable cutting and in-line collection devices are essential for cast film machines. Breaking through the traditional production methods, innovative distribution is the quality required by professional coating machine manufacturers.

The significance of the complex machine has been coordinated with the socio-economic environment in recent years, and the development in all aspects is rapid, but the current situation is to prepare for the next detonation of environmental and safety issues due to the high proportion of production pollution. Therefore, we should choose the harmonious development of operating equipment and environment and sustainable development. The laminating machine equipment manufacturer is one of the outstanding green development machinery enterprises.

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