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The laminating machine equipment manufacturer will explain the working principle of the laminating machine to you

The laminating machine equipment manufacturer will explain the working principle of the laminating machine to you:
1. Prepare
First, according to the orientation direction of the mounting base of each guide roller, and the adhesion promoter is proportionally adjusted to start heating the oven system, when the corresponding set temperature is reached, then turn on the drive motor to turn on the paint production.

2. coating
The base material of the unwinding device can first pass through the anilox roller, and after gluing and coating, and then go through the drying tunnel for drying, that is, to complete the coating process.

3. complex
The EPC liquid enters the composite material by the correction part, and the second unwinding substrate joins the part, and the lamination process is realized.

4. Cooling and winding

The laminating machine equipment manufacturer completes the overall development, production and processing of the base material after cooling the coil. The following issues should be paid attention to during production:

(1) Adjust the flatness of the substrate by adjusting the position of the rubber roller.

(2) The compounding pressure between the two compounding rollers is adjusted by adjusting the relative distance between the two compounding rollers.

(3) Adjust the clamping control substrate of clutch and brake by tension tension and tension winding tension, and smooth the operation of the machine, resulting in good coating quality and compounding effect.

This is a machine that produces various plastic films. In our daily study and life, there is also a certain demand for the development of products made of various plastic films for students. While you're at it, you'll also need to have some understanding of the work you need to pass the machine's inspection.

Check that the temperature control is intact, complete the heating appliance, for each point and adjust the heating temperature within the target range.

2. Check and adjust the uniform development of the film thickness, which needs to meet the corresponding standards of the enterprise and cannot be too high.

3. Check and control the ratio of raw materials and stir evenly.

4. Check the raw materials for impurities, you can use a magnet to check whether the iron is mixed.

5. Check the cylinder pressure air reservoir, it should have alternating pressure.

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