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Waterproof and breathable film machine, laminating machine, common adjustment method of eccentric wear phenomenon of breathable film machine

1. The laminating machine, waterproof and breathable film machine, and breathable film machine may also show different problems during use. We should investigate the problems encountered in a timely manner, in order to avoid damage to the machine and form a complex machine, The following are the adjustments that should be considered when there is a problem with the machines we have introduced.
2. If there is eccentric wear of the laminating machine, you can check and learn the precision of the cooperation between the piston and the cylinder liner, and adopt a management method in the production technology of the enterprise to avoid eccentric wear. When replacing the sealing ring of the laminating machine, attention should be paid to information security and to prevent students from bringing in stolen goods, and the four-corner "top rods" of the support (lower beam) support social stability before conducting analysis operations.
3. Some leaks are found in the lamination of multi-functional peripheral equipment, which can make welding, the welding should be a good pressure test, the pressure is 1.2-1.4 times the vapor pressure, and the repair welding is flat. If it is an internal leak that causes severe corrosion, it should be replaced in time. To avoid the "flange" scenario that occurs with the ring. Compound machine replacement seals are carefully inspected, and the factors of damage are analyzed in order to take preventive measures. The specifications, configuration and shape of the rubber seal, solvent-based lamination according to the drawing of the selection rule specification, cannot be changed by the waterproof and breathable membrane machine.
4. The sealing ring of the steam elbow of the laminating machine has many rolling joints of the steam pipe of the hot press, which are all used as well as the sealing system equipment of asbestos packing. When the compound machine is at high temperature, the asbestos filler can be easily hardened and developed, showing an air leakage phenomenon. Choose a ball joint with better sealing structure and function and PTFE sealing ring to produce better effect, and the sealing ring can generally be used for about 1 year.

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