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What is the difference between a cast film machine and a stretch film machine

Features and structure of cast film machine

Cast film machine performance and characteristics:

1. The screw and barrel of the cast film machine are made of 38CRMOALA alloy steel, which has been desalted and precision processed.

2. The cooling device of the cast film machine adopts circulating water cooling, which has good cooling effect and good film transparency.

3. The winding device of the cast film machine adopts friction winding and is equipped with a trimming device to make the wound film more neat.

What is the difference between a cast film machine and a winding film machine

First of all, it is explained here that a cast film machine and a wound film machine are essentially the same and belong to a subordinate relationship. Casting film machine is a general name, and film winding machine belongs to a kind of film casting machine. General casting machines include CPP machines, CPE machines, CPA machines, winding machines, PVB machines, EVA machines, etc.

The casting film machine adopts a high-precision electronic ceramic casting machine, and uses alumina as the main raw material for ceramic casting. First, the powder is mixed with binders, plasticizers, dispersants and solvents to make a slurry with a certain viscosity. The slurry flows out from the hopper and is coated on the special base tape with a scraper with a certain thickness. After drying and curing, it is peeled off from the top to become a green belt film. Then, according to the size and shape of the finished product, the green belt is processed by stamping and lamination to produce the finished blank to be sintered. It has the advantages of low cost, high quality, non-toxicity and simple production process.

The cast film machine is suitable for fast transportation or storage, with strong adaptability, high efficiency, low consumption, reduced labor intensity, dust-proof, moisture-proof and cleaning effects on packaging materials, and reduced surface scratches on packaging materials.

The cast film machine adopts the microcomputer as the control core, which can automatically carry out the winding film packaging operations required by various processes. It has the characteristics of stable performance, simple operation and reliable use. The film wrapping machine is suitable for the container transportation of bulk goods and the packaging of spare parts pallets. Widely used in glass products and hardware tools.


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