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What are the operating steps of the cast film machine?

Only trained and qualified personnel should operate the cast film machine. During the test, two operators are required to cooperate to complete all the test work.
(1) Preparations
(1) Check whether all fasteners or connectors in the cast film machine are connected reliably;
(2) Check the connections of all power cords and air pipes again;
(3) Before starting the cast film machine, heat the instrument to a suitable temperature (depending on the material);
Before heating, double check that the thermocouple is installed correctly to avoid abnormal heating or even damage to the heating ring.
(4) Start the cast film machine (for specific operations, please refer to the software operation instructions).
(2) Test process
Before testing, check that all test parameters are set or displayed correctly.
(1) Turn on the power supply and air supply switch of the cast film machine, and unscrew the emergency stop button;
(2) Start the heating and cooling system of the main body of the cast film machine, and start the extruder after the temperature of the standby cylinder reaches the set value and stabilizes for a period of time (about 20 to 30 minutes);
(3) Before starting the cast film machine for the first time, it must be determined whether the motor rotates correctly. The method of determining the rotation direction of the motor is: open the hopper, drive the motor of the jog extruder, observe the rotation direction of the screw from the feed port, and look from the tail of the screw to the head of the screw. The correct rotation direction of the screw should be counterclockwise. Otherwise, any two-phase wires of the power connector need to be replaced;
(4) After confirming that the cast film machine is turned correctly, run it at a lower speed for a short time to determine whether all parts have been installed correctly;
If an abnormal phenomenon is found during operation, such as abnormal sound, it must be stopped immediately for inspection until the cause is found and eliminated.
(5) Restart the cast film machine and pour the test material into the hopper.
It is recommended to set a lower speed at the beginning, such as 10 ~ 15 rpm, until the melt is extruded, the speed of the screw can be increased.

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