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About the product introduction of the breathable film production line

Brief introduction of breathable film production line

Waterproof and breathable film machine equipment factory: Among the varieties of plastic films, the breathable film machine produced by the breathable film machine has been widely used in the hygiene, medicine, construction, automobile and sports industries. The products produced by the breathable film machine involve baby diapers, adult Incontinence trousers and nursing products and feminine hygiene products; medical protective products, hospital anti-allergic bedding; protective clothing, work clothing and their lining materials; roof protection materials and breathable waterproof materials, etc.

The breathable film production line is processed into PE breathable film by extrusion casting uniaxial stretching process. The production line adopts the horizontal stretching process, with advanced design, convenient and safe motorized film pulling, and the stretching ratio can be adjusted according to the needs of the product; the whole machine is all touch screen, PLC control, various special designs are stable and reliable, easy to operate, safe and fast; new The winding tension control unit is designed, and the tension measurement control is accurate, stable and reliable.

The basic configuration of the breathable film production line includes: raw material drying unit and automatic conveying of multi-component weight weighing; extrusion unit matching the viscosity and rheological properties of raw materials; multi-layer co-extrusion runner system and automatic die head unit; 2 sets of automatic film thickness measurement systems coupled with control systems; high-performance shock-proof casting station equipped with static voltage edge device, cold air box and air knife;

Waterproof and breathable membrane machine equipment factory: high-performance small-gap unidirectional stretching unit; in-line embossing unit, which makes the film have a high softness, a silky feel, and can reduce unnecessary gloss; trim and edge On-line recycling unit to ensure full utilization of raw materials; rewinding machine, which can be slit on-line, and can rewind films of different diameters and widths.

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