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How to maintain and debug the waterproof breathable membrane machine?

Application of waterproof breathable membrane machine: It is mainly used for lamination processing of various waterproof breathable membranes and various fabrics, and can also be used for the processing of fabrics.

Waterproof and breathable membrane machine equipment factory: characteristics. The products processed by this machine have the advantages of good hand feeling, waterproof, breathable, washable and water pressure resistance. This is an effect that traditional membrane machines cannot achieve. The unique and reasonable gluing method greatly saves the amount of glue.

Maintenance of waterproof breathable membrane machine

1. Wipe the machine and wheel surface clean.
2. Always check whether the gearbox and bearings are short of oil, and refuel.
3. Keep the inside of the electric box clean and clean the dust.
4. Check whether all wires are loose.
5. Check whether the screws of each component are loose.

Debugging of waterproof and breathable membrane machine

Install the machine base material along each guide roller, and at the same time, adjust the adhesive according to the proportion, start the heating system of the oven, and when the corresponding set temperature is reached, then turn on the transmission motor to start coating production. The base material of the unwinding device must first pass through the anilox roller, and then go through the drying tunnel for drying after gluing and coating, so as to complete the coating process.

The soaring demand for automation, in addition to the demand for additional workpiece handling, disassembly devices and the robot's single CNC cutting machine system, is also reflected in the rising demand for high-function CNC cutting machines. Workpieces that used to be processed by multiple CNC cutting machines can now be processed by only one compound processing machine, multi-axis lathes that can shorten the work cycle, etc.

Waterproof and breathable membrane machine equipment factory: the level of automation of products. It has a crucial impact on the speed and accuracy of the machine tool. It has also become an important factor in distinguishing the grade of machine tools. Advanced automation technology and products impact crusher. It will undoubtedly become an important direction for the transformation of the machine tool manufacturing industry. Its development potential will be highlighted in this change.

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